Private Schools abroad are only subject to inspection by the Ministry of Education every two years according to the article below, but what happens when those schools establish rogue campuses in other locations under the same title banner of a school? We recently saw issues with Ottawa’s Algonquin College establishing various campuses in the Middle East, which came under criticism for conflicting the College’s policy on gender equity.

The issues in China are slightly different but still problematic : charging fees for photocopied textbooks and grade inflation — none of which help a student get a quality education. Although it is a great opportunity to obtain a Canadian high school or post secondary learning opportunity outside of Canada, how is integrity maintained in programming, policy and learning? Is it truly the same learning experience as being in an Ontario learning facility?

As the thirst for obtaining a Canadian education increases abroad and international student recruitment by school boards and private schools expands here in Ontario, one must consider which is the more authentic experience. International students pay tuition fees to engage in that authentic learning environment of an Ontario school. What is the value for money experience that students pay for in an accredited Ontario school abroad? If quality of learning and teaching is on the balance scale when comparing each opportunity, what will contribute to the tipping point?

Are we selling out an Ontario education for cheap by offering credit granting institutions in other countries that the Ontario Ministry of Education monitors for quality control only once every two years? Isn’t quality teaching and learning a daily experience, or do those schools prepare for the inspection as some of our schools teach to the EQAO tests?

If students abroad are looking for a quality Ontario education and an authentic Canadian experience the best options are ultimately here. Sporadic quality control halfway around the world is still an evolving grey zone that the Ministry of Education needs to step up and solidify to protect the image and reputation of Ontario educated graduates. Gaining admission to a Canadian university is not a measure of successful student learning, as little data is available on retention.

International student tuition varies from school to school in Ontario depending strictly on access to education, or an all round living and learning experience through a boarding school environment.

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Chinese school could lose Ontario accreditation