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  • Looking to get licensed as a teacher in Ontario?
  • Facing challenges with the Ontario College of Teachers processes?
  • Is Teaching a second career for you?
  • What other Education sector careers are there beyond teaching in the public education system?
  • Interested in Education Entrepreneurship?

As a former member of the elected Governing Council of the Ontario College of Teachers (the regulatory body of the teaching profession in Ontario) and its various committees, Monika can provide insight into registration issues, language proficiency, discipline proceedings, conflict of interest, social media and teachers, professional ethics and standards and other issues concerning the teaching profession in Ontario.

Guidance is also provided on exploring alternate career paths and educational entrepreneurship for educators seeking different pathways than traditional internal promotion to principalships and school board consultants.    

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I greatly appreciate the help I received to overcome obstacles I was facing with the Ontario College of Teachers in becoming licensed as a teacher. After many years of frustration, I became a licensed teacher within a short time of reaching out to Horizon Education Consulting Inc. for assistance. It has been life-changing for me.

Paula Puebla

When I reached out to Horizon Education Consulting Inc., I was hoping to speak to someone who understood my situation and could help me with the unfairness of being denied a licence to teach in Ontario by the Ontario College of Teachers. Monika helped with my registration appeal by writing a letter of support on my behalf to the OCT. I am now a certified OCT licensed teacher and greatly appreciate her assistance.

Thiru Thirukkumaran


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