Education Expert

Speaker for Events and Conferences

Speaking engagements can be booked for organizations seeking an education expert for:

  • Workshop for education related associations, advocacy, parent and community support groups
  • Conference key note speaker

Expert witness testimony is offered for Family Court proceedings in separation and divorce cases where education decision making is in dispute or when collaboration is needed with the Office of the Children’s Lawyer for parenting assessments.

Education Assessments are available to supplement school-based reporting using standardized tests in English and French for receptive and expressive vocabulary, reading, writing, speaking, listening and mathematics.

Monika was instrumental in helping me navigate a Canadian school system, which was completely different and foreign to me. When I sensed things I was being told by the school and division were not right, Monika helped me understand my next steps in managing my complaint against the school division. This all played into my international child custody case, which was a success in part because of Monika's knowledge, recommendations and help.


Dallas, Texas, USA | International custody matter

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