Ontario Special Needs Education Consulting

Horizon Educational Consulting offers Ontario Special Needs Education Consulting for Parents of special needs students (Autism, learning disabilities, gifted, ADHD, mild intellectual profiles, sensory, anxiety) to help with:

  • Behavioural issue solutions associated with learning and school settings
  • School communication and school board processes
  • Identification Placement Review Committee (IPRC) process guidance and Individual Education Plan (IEP) reviews
  • Secondary school program option information, transitioning to post-secondary programs and the community
  • Child and Adolescent mental health information, community programs and services orientation
  • Ontario education policy and research information
  • Knowing your rights as a parent and your child’s rights in the school system
  • Advocacy, complaint and appeal processes (Special Education Tribunal, Human Rights Tribunal )

Parents of special needs children rely on Horizon Educational Consulting to navigate an already complex system. Offering learning style profiles, IPRC process guidance, IEP review, behaviour issue solutions, academic assessments and school choice options.

New to Ottawa?

Find out about schools in your area based on the educational priorities you have for your child:

  • School choice and location information, school performance ratings
  • School program options (French language, French immersion, English as a second language)
  • Private school options and specialized program schools
  • School integration plans, transfers, suspension appeals
  • Home-school communication
  • Home learning environment assessments to develop ongoing learning plans

First Nations Inuit Métis (FNMI) students and support – Jordan’s Principle Funding / Inuit Child First funding

Jordan’s Principle Funding / Inuit Child First funding

Jordan River Andersen, The Messenger by filmmaker Alanis Obomsawin (TVO)

Jordan River Anderson, The Messenger

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