Horizon Education Award

The Horizon Education Award is presented annually, beginning in 2022, to a student who has overcome personal challenges or obstacles and barriers on their journey through any of the four publicly funded education systems in Ontario (English Public, French Public, English Catholic or French Catholic school boards).

The $1,000.00 Award is presented in recognition of the achievement in obtaining the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD).

Only one award is presented in each calendar year.

The Award is presented each year by notifying the student via email with a formal letter attached and an e-transfer for the monetary amount.


Any student 18 years of age or over who receives the OSSD in a given year. Final grades are not a factor in choosing the recipient.
The nomination notice must be accompanied by a 250 word statement (see below) and the final transcript of grades showing total credits required were obtained.

How to Apply:

  1. A student can self-nominate or be nominated by another person including a family member, teacher, person in their community or a peer.
  2. The person nominating the student must describe in 250 words (through a written statement, video or audio recording) what the student has achieved and the obstacles overcome. It should be submitted with the knowledge and permission of the student.
  3. Submit a nomination via email to monika@horizoned.ca with HORIZON EDUCATION AWARD in the subject line and include in the email:
    • the name and contact information for the person nominating the student (phone and email)
    • student’s name and contact information (phone and email)
    • the name of the school and school board from which the student graduated
    • the 250 word statement as to why this student deserves this award
    • indicate a sentence that the student is in agreement to be nominated
    • attach a copy of the final transcript of grades for the student to show credits required were obtained by the student and an OSSD was earned.

Award Recipients:

2022: Rahie Datta
2023: Jeffrey Cabrales

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