International Student Admissions

Horizon Education Consulting Inc. will help you prepare your application with: 

  • Transcript reviews for application requirements from prior learning experiences
  • Support with study permit applications (student visa)
  • Consultations via Skype according to time zones
  • English language proficiency skills screening
  • Personal statement / application essay preparation assistance
  • In-person guided tour of preferred schools in the Ottawa area
  • Ongoing support and progress monitoring during studies in Canada

Experienced Education Consultant

The best information is available from an experienced education consultant to answer all you questions about schools and Homestays while in Canada. Let me prepare your study experience with guidance and trust in offering the best study solutions possible.

High Schools

High schools are either public (where most Canadian students attend) and is considered mainstream education. Class sizes are 20-30 students and the school year is divided into two semesters with four subjects studied in the first semester and four different subjects studied in the second semester.   International students attending public high schools live with a Canadian family, which is called a Homestay.

Private Schools

Private schools have smaller classes (10 -15 students) and offer more individualized attention from teachers. Private schools and private boarding schools (where students live on campus) have higher costs but also offer high quality education.

University / College (Post Secondary)

Post-secondary  studies include college and university options depending on program interest and career goals. All major cities in Canada offer college programs which are more technical, practical and shorter in duration.

Universities offer three and four year programs which are called undergraduate studies and major universities offer post-graduate Masters and Doctorate level studies. Many students in Canada now begin in College programs and transfer to universities through co-operative partnerships between institutions to obtain practical and theoretical foundations in their field of study.

English Skills

Good English language skills are required to study in high school or post-secondary programs in Canada.  Students with strong English skills can take regular mandatory English classes, while students with developing English skills will be placed in English as a Second Language (ESL) classes.

Order your copy of 12 Tips for International Students Living and Studying in Canada, written by Monika Ferenczy.

Praise for 12 Tips For International Students Living and Studying In Canada

This book is a ‘must have’ for all first timers in Canada to give a soft landing from arrival to settlement to social integration and finally to becoming a Canadian. The book cover and title are attractive on the shelf for anyone seeking quick information about Canada and Canadians. The presentation language of English is easy to read and to understand while the illustrations, paragraphing and pagination are helpful for referencing. The book captures the essence of virtually all the necessary ingredients to make arrival in Canada a pleasurable and memorable experience.

Monika Ferenczy has successfully brought to bear in this book, a wealth of experience and expertise in education and immigration consultancy guiding and assisting new comers to Canada in Canadian education, immigration and settlement matters.

We in Canadian Studies Limited have found her candid and unfettered advice at all times immeasurable and strongly recommend this book to all who desire to know more about Canada and the Canadian way of life.

Akin & Foluke Olafimihan

Ottawa, Ontario Canadian Studies Limited

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