This report highlights gaps in services to the public, parents and students as they relate to the Ontario Government Common Service Standards in communication and response time for inquiries and the ease with which parents can communicate with school and school board staff. A review of 76 Ontario school board websites for policy related to communication and information sharing was undertaken to reveal areas requiring attention and improvement using quality assurance feedback mechanisms. The Ministry of Education website was identified as the only Ontario Ministry website not displaying a commitment statement to public service standards and the Accessibility Customer Service Policy. This policy was reviewed for each school board in the areas of service dogs, support persons and the provision of assistive devices. An online public survey was conducted to assess communication and information practices of school boards, the availability of supports for students with disabilities and whether school boards serviced parents, students and the public with a customer service approach. Recommendations to the Minister of Education and the Government of Ontario are highlighted to improve quality services and adherence to the standards.

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